Wages Against Housework

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Published by the Power of Women Collective and the Falling Wall Press

Designed and printed by Falling Wall Press

{da introdução}

"They say it is love. We say it is un waged work.
They call it frigidity. We call it absenteeism.
Every miscarriage is a work accident.
Homosexuality and heterosexuality are both working conditions ...
but homosexuality is workers' control of production, not the end
of work.
More smiles? More money. Nothing will be so powerful in destroying
the healing virtues of a smile.
Neuroses, suicides, desexualisation: occupational diseases of the housewife."


"Many times the difficulties and ambiguities which women express in
discussing wages for housework stem from the reduction of wages for
housework to a thing, a lump of money, instead of viewing it as a political
perspective. The difference between these two standpoints is enormous.
To view wages for housework as a thing rather than a perspective is to
detach the end result of our struggle from the struggle itself and to miss
its significance in demystifying and subverting the role to which women
have been confined in capitalist society." (...)





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