Short Circuit: A Counterlogistics Reader (2015)

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Nova Iorque

““Counter-logistics is not simply a matter of blocking all flows, of stopping movement, of locking things in place where they are. It is a matter of blocking those flows that constitute the material and metaphysical tissue of this world, while simultaneously enhancing our own ethical connections, movement, and friendship. Helping migrants to cross borders and remain undetected, helping information to cross through and within prison walls, destroying surveillance cameras, defending the basis of new worlds seized in opposition to the old—these are as important as blocking rail lines and disrupting commerce.”

This book is a collection of critical texts focused on logistics, counter-logistics, and cybernetics. It attempts to combine some disparate groups and tendencies that have all taken a recent turn towards evaluating infrastructure and logistics as a crucial element in the perpetuation of capital and control, and as vulnerable points worthy of study, evaluation, and attack.”

With texts by Anonymous, Jasper Bernes, Max L’Hameunasse, Tiqqun, Leon de Mattis, Out of the Woods, 1882 Woodbine, and Degenerate Communism.

Publisher No New Ideas, Aug 2015
xiii+245 pages