Organisation of the organisationless

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Rodrigo Nunes


LIVRO editado por Mute (Londres). 2014.

" A global political moment began on 17 December 2010in the small Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, when a young street vendor by the name of Mohammed Bouzizi set himself on fire in protest against the repeated humiliations he had suffered at the hands of local authorities. The moment has since spread to Egypt, much of the Mahgreb and Mashreq, to Spain, Portugal and Greece, to the United Kingdom, Israel, Québec and Chile, the United States and Mexico, and more recently to Turkey and Brazil.

Even if its lasting impact is yet to be decided, one could legitimately expect to see it added to a select list that includes 1848, the decolonisation
struggles of the 1950s and 1960s, 1968, and the alterglobalisation cycle of the turn of the century. For obvious reasons, it is to the latter that the present cycle can be more closely compared. There are important
differences, of course. Where the moment opened by the Zapatista uprising of 1 January 1994 cracked the triumphalist façade of neoliberal globalisation, the one we are going through now came in the wake
of the greatest capitalist crisis in almost a century. Where the first addressed a transnational sphere and structures of global governance, the second is more clearly circumscribed to the national sphere, opposing
austerity measures, dictatorial regimes and the lack of responsiveness and permeability of political systems in hock to cronyism and world finance. Where one focused mainly on how affluence in the global North was
sustained by immiseration in the global South, the other faces a growing divide between rich and poor across the board, and alarming levels of impoverishment even in the global North." (...)