Micropolíticas de los grupos: para una ecologia de las prácticas colectivas

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LIVRO publicado por  Traficantes de Suenos.




David Vercauteren (Belgium) David Vercauteren is author, together with Thierry and Olivier Crabbé, of Micropolitiques des groupes. Pour une écologie des pratiques collectives. The book, structured through keywords like a proper practical manual, analyzes the birth, the internal processes, the phases of crisis and the end of collectives and informal groups. This original work rich of new theoretical hints, emerges from the experience of the authors in the Collectif Sans Tickets, active in Belgium from 1998 to 2002.  Published by HB Éditions in 2007, it has been recently translated in Spain by Traficantes de Suenos. Both versions are available online.


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