On refusing to pretend to do politics in a museum

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John Jordan


ARTIGO publicado originalmente em Art Monthly 334: March 2010.

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"John Jordan on what happened when Tate programmed a workshop on disobedience

What is it about the word ?disobedience? that the institutional art world doesn?t understand? Last autumn the Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre in Copenhagen dropped the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination?s (Lab of ii) Bike Bloc project when it realised that the ?tools of civil disobedience? that we were going to build were not gestures but actual tools and tactics for the protest actions around the UN?s COP15 Climate Change Conference. The curator told us that she feared that the museum?s funders, the City of Copenhagen, would not support any illegal activity. It seemed that she had assumed we would pretend to do politics?"